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Hi!  I'm Marty Packer.  In the 1990's and early 2000's  I worked as computer system architect, systems analyst and project planner/manager primarily for the Wall Street crowd with occasional projects for various groups at The Children's Hospital in Boston.  Mid-life events led me away from my Wall Street roots and further into the Health Care profession.  In fact, in the spring of 2007 I obtained my Registered Nursing license in Massachusetts and began work as an Acute Floor Care Nurse in the Nursing Float Office at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA.

As of January, 2011, I have been working at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as part of their Department of Epidemiology and Population Health's Study Management Unit.  I am the unit's resident Informatics Nurse and their Quality Assurance Officer.  In that capacity I help with designing both studies and the systems on which the studies' results are captured.  In addition, I also design, implement and manage various system elements needed to meet both the studies' research needs and regulatory requirements.  My role involves extensive interaction with both the Unit's technical staff and with MD's and epidemiology researchers both within and outside of the department.

, RN

Martin F. Packer, RN